4tuning days here we come :)
13-03-2010 06:17

Ok. Now it is time for some quality time.
19-02-2010 16:09

Finally we are online :)
18-02-2010 14:37

 Lost In Romania In 2010
  - A story by Ciorba -
   Well the riding season is almost here just a few more rains left, until then let me enlighten you a bit with our concept since it's probably not so clear of what exactly we are trying to do here.

  People when they hear Romania they think Ceausescu, The People's House (big building) and probably some of you know of our Transfagarasan and this only thanks to the Top Gear crew, but there is so much more about Romania that you don't know and that we can show you e.g. places such as Tg Jiu hometown of sculptor Brancusi, Sighisoara where Vlad the Impaler grew up, muddy volcanoes unique in Europe. There are three deltas in the world and we HAVE one, and many other places. Wouldn't you like to know a bit more about all of them? Well, this is the reason we are doing this, we plan to share all this with you, by video documenting all of our adventures while we loose ourselves in Romania. And for the more enthusiastic of you we offer our services via the tours page.

  So, to sum it up, keep a close eye on our site and if you feel like supporting us, pay a visit to the shop section which will be online soon, in the meantime here is a video made last year when all of this was just a faint idea ;).